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Test ADN de Paternité à Domicile
Home Paternity Test
The DNA paternity test is the most scientifically accurate method to determine paternity and to be absolutely certain that the child is yours. There is only one test that lets you know with absolute certainty whether your child is really yours, or if they have a different biological father. This test is called a Paternity DNA Test. Dad, if you look at... (Afficher la suite)

Test ADN de Maternité à Domicile
Home Maternity Test
Dear Mom, you went through an IVF procedure? You suspect that your baby was accidentally replaced with another baby at the hospital? Maybe you are involved in an adoption case, whether you are the mother or an offspring and now you want to find the truth? If there is doubt, there is only one test that lets you know... (Afficher la suite)

Test de Paternité Prénatal
Prenatal Paternity Test
Are you pregnant but you are not sure who the father is? There is only one test that enables you to know with absolute certainty who is the biological father of your fetus. This is the blood prenatal paternity test. Usually it is best to test after you are 10 weeks pregnant. You got pregnant while involved in two relationships... (Afficher la suite)

Profilage ADN
DNA Profile
Each person has a unique DNA profile (except identical twins). While an ID or a passport can be forged, your DNA is unique. Your genetic mapping is like a digital fingerprint. The technological development in the human genome mapping allows you to get your DNA profile through a list of 21 genetic markers. Each marker has... (Afficher la suite)

Connaître le Sexe du Bébé
Baby Gender Test
You are pregnant and the most important question that comes to mind is: What are you having, a boy or a girl? You don't have to wait till the 15th week to know the answer (and even then, the prediction is not always correct because they might not be able to see the fetus properly). You have our test done from 9 weeks of... (Afficher la suite)

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